WALKTHROUGH + ROOM Dunas Mirador Maspalomas – Gran Canaria – 2016

WALKTHROUGH + ROOM Dunas Mirador Maspalomas – Gran Canaria – 2016, usefull to make your dicision to go here. We had a nice sunny vacation, but the rooms are hot and there is no airco ( you can rent a van), no real teen disco ( kinda disappointed for our teenage girl), not really something to do around the hotel, but nice workers en great pool! We rented a car and we can recommand that to anyone…real nice (center of the island and the left/north of the island ). Also the waterparc is fun and the zoo is great!

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  1. Hi Dominic, I’m contacting you from a TV production company in the UK called Tern TV. We are making a documentary for Channel 4 (UK), exploring incidents and events related to holidays. We’d like to be able to use your video in the programme, and I wondered if you are the owner of the footage? Could you please contact me by sending an email to c4ternholidays@gmail.com
    Thank you!

  2. I've just arrived from there. I see they made lot's of improvement compared to this video. The kids pool and club is now where the playground was. The animation team is great, they have a big stage close to the biggest pool. Lot's of shows at night and great music all day long. Me, my mom and my 2 years old girl loved this place. Lot's of fun.


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