Volcanic Highlands of Gran Canaria | Landscape Photography | Roque Nublo

In this third and last episode from my video series that I filmed on the island of Gran Canaria I am heading inland to explore the mountains of the island. For sunset I hike up to one of the peaks called Roque Nublo from which there is an amazing view over the volcanic highlands and the nearby island of Tenerife on which rises Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide.
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23 comentarios en «Volcanic Highlands of Gran Canaria | Landscape Photography | Roque Nublo»

  1. Anybody else struggling with the autofocus of your vlogging camera? I’ll have to remember to put the G7X into manual focus for the next videos. haha

  2. Chuck kear from Lolo, Montana here. I liked all but the last few were stunning. I might have considered a .6 or .9 Grad ND to give the sky more definition a
    nd the shadows more detail?

  3. So I’m planning a trip to Ireland this year and I’m starting to invest into the Fuji line. My main plan is to shoot family and weddings but I love landscape! I’d like to keep my gear pretty minimal. So far I only have the 50mm f2. Which is great for portraits. Now I need to add a wide angle and a tele. You seem to have all of the lenses that I’m interested in lol. So I’m hoping you can give me some insight to which ones you use most often. Or if you could only take 2 to Ireland which would they be? I’m thinking the 18-55 or the 23 as a walk around lens and the 55-200 for my tele. I also thought about the 14mm…..too many options. Thank you so much! Love your videos!

  4. Hello Christophe, hope you're doing fine. I've been following your videos and I would like to say that you helped me decide to change to Fuji. No regrets.
    Your videos are amazing. Hope you return and present us with more new content.
    Best regards,
    Bruno Melo

  5. Hi there. I guess the next travel vlog will be from the faroe islands 😉 I'm not entirely sure, but I believe I crossed your path on the hike to Kalsoy lighthouse last week! 🙂

  6. Christophe – Your vlogs and your photos are so inspiring. Will we have more soon? Something in the works? The world waits!

  7. The last photo you took with the long lens was KILLER! Beautiful composition and way to take advantage of that last bit of light.

  8. Espectacular video , muchas felicidades soy Canario y vivo en la zona sur de las isla y haz echo un precioso video de nuestro emblema que es el roque Nublo y su compañero del tiempo el roque Bentayga.. Bello Landscape de mi isla.. Muchas gracias por tu visita a gran canaria.

  9. Enjoyed the video Christophe, you did get some nice skies after all. The view was fantastic. Very good narration and B Roll. How was your hike back?

  10. Beautiful place.I like the "selfie" because it gives a sense of how epic the area is. Thanks for sharing

  11. Excelente video Chris. I really enjoy it. May be you could make a new one to show how you clean your ND filtrers before you travel. Regards from Uruguay !

  12. Great work once again and I liked all the photos, but please quit standing on the edge of cliffs because you are freaking me out! 😱

  13. Hi great video. As I see you are using the Canon G7x Mark II. I've got a question. Can you recommend the camera to me? I'd like to start making cool videos in good quality soon and the pictures should be nice as well. I would be very happy about your answer. Greeting Justin aka MrRainbowLP

  14. Hi Christophe, great video. Can I ask though why you use 100 ISO when the base ISO for the Fuji XT2 is 200?

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