Resort Tour! Lopesan Costa Meloneras – Gran Canaria

If you are planning a trip to Gran Canaria, be it Meloneras, Maspalomas, or Playa del Ingles, you might want to consider the Lopesan Costa Meloneras resort. I would definitely stay there again! #grancanaria #lopesan #tennis

Room Tour:
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  1. I remember when you used to be able to see the people from the infinity pool as you walked along the walkway in front of the hotel.. looks like they've built some restaurants since then, god that must have been in 2009 or something… I've spent many years since on GC, but just not down in Meloneras – usually up in the south-west in Mogan/Amadores/Puerto Rico area.

  2. Un sueño. Desde que ví el hotel por primera vez en el año 1998 pensé que este era el hotel que yo desearía pasar mis vacaciones. Lo tiene todo, incluso en sus cercanías la posibilidad de caminar y disfrutar de toda el area que Meloneras nos invita. He pasado 6 de últimas vacaciones en Lopesan Costa Meloneras y les puedo decir que realmente vale la pena estar ahí. Para mi el mejor hotel que yo he pasado mis vacaciones y Meloneras un lugar maravilloso.

  3. I went to this resort too when it was brand new. Watch my travel video to see the full unbiased opinion and how I felt about the resort!

  4. I'm going there in three days. My whole extended family and I used to go there when i was a kid I'm so excited to go back

  5. I watch your videos not only because I enjoy the content , but also because you make me laugh (which is definitely needed right now) …I also love the tangents

  6. Blowing a cold wind 24/7. I'd rather have a smaller pool on the south of the island where the climate is far better. You will catch a cold staying here. Also the beach is useless.

  7. Oh and how long would it take me to get there from California if you know? Thanks, keep up the great videos, 💕 them!

  8. Hey Morgan, great video, that place is amazing! What is the price difference between the standard room and a ocean/pool view? 🙂

  9. Have been going to Maspolomas for many, many years and have always wanted to stay at this resort. The pools look out of this world. Going to have to win the lottery first though!!

  10. A mix of sand and carpet?! That sounds so bizarre and like it would make me want to get a vacuum! Can you go up in that lighthouse? Lighthouses are just about my favorite thing ever! Any idea what it would be like to stay there in the winter?

  11. I do watch all your videos I usually enjoy the content. Sometimes its great to see others on vacation when it is currently unavailable any other way after all 🙂

  12. Pools with swim up bars freak me out… I've seen too many drunk people in them for hours and hours without leaving…you know they're all just peeing in there.
    And a lake smaller than that pool isn't a lake, it's definitely a pond 😉

  13. That infinity pool is AMAZING!! I'm currently under a blanket on my couch in Michigan. Sigh. At least I can live vicariously through your video!

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