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  1. Bonjour est ce que vous savez si il y a un bateau qui fait la navette du port à l’hôtel Mogan Princess Merci à l'avance.

    Hello, do you know if there is a boat that runs from the harbor to the Mogan Princess Hotel? Thanks in advance

  2. is the ancient santa-maria "show-ship" still on the harbourside as attraction for tourists?
    btw: if any1 is planing holidys there: some miles out of the harbour there is a good chance to spot a dolphin-school !

  3. lovely, we're excited about going next month, hoping it will be a little quieter (and no kids) by then – can't wait for a trip back to Melonares (nr Maspalomas) for the afternoon/evening too as there's some great places to eat & drink there.


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