Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria

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Playa Del Ingles is situated on the southern island of the Gran Canaria. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, it is a popular tourist attractions with a long stretch of promenade full of shops, pubs and restaurants that lead you to the dunes of Maspalomas.

Top Attractions:
Dunas de Maspolamas, the Lighthouse, Market San Fernando (Every Saturday market), the Promenade, Playa Del Ingles sandy beach and the Jumbo Centrum.

From the promenade, It only takes 1 km to walk to the dunas of Maspolamas.

It is worth taking a taxi to the places of interest if you stay in Playa Del Ingles than buses. It cost about 5 to 8 euro per trip. Unless you want to go airport, than you should try the bus because the taxi from Playa Del Ingles cost about 38 euro for about 30 minutes to the airport in Las Palmas. I would suggest you check the timetable from the bus stop to the airport because the timetable given from the hotel is not so accurate.

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  1. Looks amazing!! Looking to go next year potentially in the autumn/winter to get some winter sun in October/November time with temperatures as high 26°c and as low as 20°c so still amazing weather for that time of year! 😄

  2. Wonder why they put the Maspalomas sign in Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas begins half between the Dunes towards the Lighthouse.

  3. 🌷🥀🌷🥀🌷🥀🌷🥀🌷🥀🌷
    🌷 WONDERFUL!!! 🌷
    🌷 THANK YOU!!! 🌷

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