Patalavaca – Gran Canaria – HD 1080p test

Patalavaca Beach, Gran Canaria. Test on new HD feature of YouTube, 1080p 30p. Recorded with Sanyo Xacti HD2000, rendered in Sony Vegas 9 – 64bit – Mainconcept AVC/AAC-MP4 – bitstream avg 2mb / max 4mb. Rendertime 1m 45s on Acer Core2 Quad 2.3 ghz. Filesize 7,4mb. To watch in full HD:

Source Youtube

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  1. Hmm strange, I don't see an option for different HD sizes on my video or yours. Where do you see that? I listed format in my initial comment. I think I am going to try and bump the bit rate up to 10MB and/or fiddle with other formats to upload in as I noticed the file I uploaded was not SUPER crisp. It may be iMovie or my compressor. Will try some clips on my Windows machine and see if that helps for max image quality.

  2. So what is the verdict? I just uploaded my first 1920×1080 movie last night and I *think* it looks a little better than my other vids that are uploaded at 1280×720. I uploaded a 6MB h.264 clip, maybe I could up it to 10MB or try a different CODEC? Thanks, and nice view!

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