Maspalomas sand dunes, Gran Canaria

The large sand dunes of Maspalomas are very popular for sunbathers soaking up the great Canarian sun and those looking for a fun walk or should I say climb up and down the stunning dunes.

For those wanting more of an adventure you can scale the sand dunes on horses or to make you feel part of the desert you can get a camel ride.

The beautiful Lighthouse of Maspalomas (faro) is the most southernly point of Europe over looking what is known to some as the best beach in Grand Canaria.

There is plenty to do at this beach with shops, resturants and snack bars for lunch, areas to play volley ball and other beach games as well as the usual sunbathing and having a nice dip in the sea.

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  1. Great video, remembered me of the times I walked those dunes with my kids then went on the camel safari…….great memories, thanks for that.

  2. girlfriend wearing flipflops "this sand is burning my feet", me: "dont be daft", takes my shoes off to see for myself…massive blisters and burnt feet…had to make islands with our tshirts to get back to the path. Great place. Although the island is infested with massive roaches.

  3. you have been to soooo many places already… loveit… although u probably see it differently 😉 happy holidays!


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