Lago Taurito Parque Acuático – Space Bowl Trichterrutsche Onride


Die Trichterrutsche im Lago Taurito Wasserpark in Taurito (Gran Canaria, Spanien). Nach einer dunklen Röhre gelangt man in den großen Bowl, bevor es nach einigen Runden per Plumps ins Salzwasserbecken geht.
This is the Space Bowl waterslide at Lago Taurito Waterpark in Taurito (Gran Canaria, Spain). After getting more and more speed in a dark tube, you get launched into the bowl section where you spin several rounds before plunging into a deep saltwater pool.
Eso es tobogán Space Hole de Parque Acuático Lago Taurito, Gran Canaria.

Typ: Trichterrutsche Space Hole
Hersteller: Polin

Source Youtube

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  2. 📍Paradise Parque Acuático y Resort Lago Taurito { Taurito-Mogán} GranCanaria,España.
    📍Paradise Water Park & Resort Lago Taurito{ Taurito- Mogan} GranCanaria, Spain.

  3. Are you guys serious unless your 4 feet tall you ain’t drowning all you gotta do is stand up and your above the water 😂😂

  4. I think I'll pass….I feel too close to my death once I got to the hole….feels like I would drown Idk lol😂😂🤣just no

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