Hotel Taurito Princess, Gran Canaria – Video Tour

Hotel Taurito Princess, Gran Canaria – Video Tour. I wanted to do a quick video tour of the hotel so people thinking of going could get an idea of the hotel and what to expect as a visitor. I apologise for the walking camera motion, but hopefully this will help you form an opinion of the hotel. Filmed 27/08/21. I arrived on flight TOM5116 on the 23/08/21 The timestamp on the thumbnail is wrong as I hadn’t set the right time and date on the camera.

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  1. Is there much stuff for an 8 year old who loves football, like anywhere for him to have a kick about ? I'm sure he would go bonkers having to not play .

  2. Hi there, going next week. My football team have a game on sky and was wondering if the sports bar showed sky. Thanks

  3. Hi. Hope you don't mind me asking but I was wondering about smoking areas? Can you smoke on your balcony or isn't that okay? Where are they otherwise?
    Thank you for your film. Got me a better idea about the hotel since some rewievs are really bad. 😊

  4. Hi could I ask what your overall thoughts on the hotel are, we are going in December and the trip advisor reviews aren’t very good recently! Would you go back? Are the AI drinks food ok?! Many thanks

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