Gran Canaria – Yumbo Centre I WASN'T EXPECTING THAT!

I take a trip to The Yumbo Centre, or as it’s called Yumbo Centrum in Playa Del Ingles in Gran Canaria.

With its park and square, Yumbo is where the resort’s carnivals and Maspalomas Gay Pride take place. Visitors also flock to its 200 shops, bars and restaurants. You can eat everything from Canarian specialities to Chinese food to pizzas here, and be entertained by live music and drag shows.

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Gather Round – Fox Morrow
Dancing With The Devil – Bonkers Beat Club
Still Broke – Oomiee

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  1. I went to a few night outs at the yumbo centre with my Mrs when on holiday there 2 years ago and too be honest I was a bit nervous first night I went cos I'd heard of the place and didn't know what I was in for but had some brilliant night outs there with the Mrs, we went to sparkles for the shows and it was great and really entertaining.

  2. we have been to the yumbo centre quite a few times, its a great place with good restaurants , its got a great atmosphere, well worth a visit.

  3. Darling! You're in the biggest gay beach holiday destination in the world! The dunes are legendary. The Yumbo shops are a waste of time – full of overpriced tat. We go there primarily to eat (Cafe Gio is our favourite) and then drink a "Taxi" cocktail at Diamonds bar to get us in the mood for the rest of the evening. I won't go into any further details but Fetish week is an experience… just think of it as fancy dress lol. it's only the straight Brits that are hung up about it though. The foreigners take it all in their stride.

  4. I was there for the 2017 pride. Best week ever. But going back yearly the yumbo Center is definitely tired and the shops are just the same

  5. Holiday next to Yumbo usually twice a year. It is primarily a gay area but hetro friendly. Most straight people with an open mind and sense of humour love it. Amazing festivals held in the square catering for all sorts.

  6. Is that down the road from maspalomas we stayed at at sun prime Hotel I'm sure it's just down the road it's looks like where we went. Nice place

  7. Love Grand canaria. Yumbo is a great place to visit. Great food and bars. Sparkles was always a fantastic night out and everyone is so friendly. Can’t wait to come back here.

  8. It's so funny listening to you about the bunker,,,, believe me what goes on in there would make you blush,,or run for your life,, , I've never been in but heard stories,,, lololol

  9. Love gran canaria playa del ingles,,,,,, love the yumbo I must have another holiday there soon,,,, great at night for drinks it comes alive after dark lol

  10. Never watched such rubbish in my life. Obviously not researced. The yumbo is what you make of it, you don't have to go in certain bars. Fantastic bars and restaurants dotted around. The Point is, straights are welcome too.

  11. I actually got engaged on gran caria in 2003 unfortionally im divorced now but we had a few gd holidays in gc that china town one was great . Huge portions too . We went on our hunnimoon to gc and we discovered the yumbo center in 2004 lots of drag bars and clubs pls all the local gays . Saying that we had a few great nights down there such a party atmosphere we met another family on holiday at same time as us and they took us to the yumbo center one night we had never laughed so much at some of the shows on but apart from that its a gd shopping center and gd food too

  12. You need taking in hand: you should be in the dunes by day, in Andreas or Freidrich from 0500 and in the bars 2300 – 0459!

  13. Yes your not wrong. We were there for 10 days. We were to say old when we went. It was Gay Pride Week I really enjoyed the personalities costumes great. Jen

  14. Yumbo centre isn’t fab very lively at night lots of great restaurants and bars sparkles is fabulous great entertainment and free just buy your drinks sit bck have fun

  15. The yumbo and playa del ingles is one of the biggest gay resorts in Europe. It’s absolutely packed in the evenings, and most of the bars are gay but everyone is welcome.
    You wouldn’t see anything dodgy unless you went in somewhere like the bunker.

  16. Perhaps in 5 to 10 years this is a lost place. They have to invest big money to update this Centre. looking really forward to the last episode of this season from Gran Canaria.

  17. Great In the evenings for everyone . Used to visit Buddies alot on the ground floor and had a tattoo also. Friendly. Good food and of course booze and free entertainment.i do agree that its old looking now and dared but in some ways that's the appeal. Great vlog as usual.Next time go in the evening 😂

  18. Went to the Yumbo for a nice refreshing beer following a long walk around Playa Del Ingles during the day – approx 1pm, sat on the next table was an older gentleman wearing very short denim shorts, he was also painted gold from the forehead down (no shirt) and was wearing a spikey dog collar, he was also asleep, he had clearly had a very good night!!!

  19. Great vlog there,yes I can imagine it's a totally different world at night and probably really good if it's your thing. While in Tenerife check out the the mini golf opposite Parque Santiago 3 behind the Gran Via supermarket, there are two nine hole courses that are really good especially at night. 👍

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