Gran Canaria (Spain) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Vacation travel video about destination Gran Canaria in Spain

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23 comentarios en «Gran Canaria (Spain) Vacation Travel Video Guide»

  1. Teror, you said they worship the mother of God…… dare you, God has no mother …He is God the almighty and anyone who worships anyone else are heathens

  2. we've been there and visited 2/3 of all places you show and in several, which aren't on video. one word GREAT!!! and that small 1/3 part is left – hope to visit it in not very long term, because you show these places in such a good way ))

  3. Please as others have already said here DO NOT SUPPORT and visit ANY PARK WITH CAPTIVE DOLPHINS OR KILLER WHALES on holiday. If you want to know why please watch THE COVE and also Blackfish to get the reality of how they capture the Dolphins to sell to these parks so they can make MONEY from you if you visit. Dolphins need silence if you go to a park and scream and make noises you hurt there sensitive hearing organs they are so different to us. I bet none of the so called trainers tell you this. So please be kind to these animals and do not enter. By all means go to the front desk and tell them that you will not enter because they have Dolphins and trainers who encourage loud sounds near dolphins are torturing them. Please help the dolphins and join us to empty the tanks and ending the sad lives of these poor prisoners.

  4. I was wondering if i needed to rent a car, but i think i will just stay in my concrete holiday bunker. Just take a bus sometimes. I have seen enough twisty roads and scenic views over the years.. 🙂

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