Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico, Walking Amadores Beach 🏖

Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico, Amadores Beach. Today i walk through this beautiful Beach in Mogan, with cristal clear water and white sand. Surrounded by Restaurants, Bars, Shops and Beach Clubs. We Love Canarias

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  1. 6 weeks until I fly over. I honestly cannot wait. Another lovely video. Thank you for sharing

  2. Beautiful Place, but watching this video is a real pain in the ass, sorry . The Mouvement of the Camera for the Panorama Pics is real too fast

  3. Great video of a lovely beach! I booked my 2020 holiday this morning and I won't be too far from Amadores. I'm looking forward to walking from Amadores to Puerto Rico along the path built into the cliff-face. Just one reason of thousands why I can't wait for next May to come!

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