Gran Canaria Puerto Rico Shopping Centre Refurbishment 👍 Update January 4, 2021

✅ Gran Canaria Puerto Rico Shopping Center. We walked through the renovated shopping center in Puerto Rico (Mogan), Gran Canaria Island. Near Maspalomas & Playa del Inglés. Cloudy Morning (20ºC) January 4, 2021. 10:45 AM. We love Gran Canaria!!!

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FILMED: January 4, 2021 with GoPro Hero 7 Black


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31 comentarios en «Gran Canaria Puerto Rico Shopping Centre Refurbishment 👍 Update January 4, 2021»

  1. Any update on the Centre? I plan to travel to Puerto Rico in May. What will be available to tourists such as bars and shopping?

  2. Will you be posting another update soon ? Really curious to see how much further forward the project is cheers

  3. Looking good it's a pity that the top part isnt done they should definitely try get it done while there is travel restrictions and have it all completed for when the tourist do come back

  4. Looks fabulous. Thank you so much I your walk though.can’t wait for it to safe for us to travel ! This will be the first place I come to. Missing so many people.& Harry’s Rooms. Take care & stay safe x

  5. very nice upload , just beautiful walking tour there , Thanks for sharing. Like 69. Have a great day, See you soon again.

  6. It's looking good will look amazing when it's completed but will still have my own videos of the old centre and will have to make new recordings of the complete centre and new complex when I'm next there. P.S. was closely watching your walk just incase we got a reflection of the person behind the camera but sadly it wasn't to be. 😢 NEIL UK

  7. Great video thank you. Am I right in thinking there is a small commercial centre right up the top this is something I remember from around 1994 lol

  8. Que interesante y maravilloso recorrido!!!
    Gracias por compartir!!!
    Feliz año nuevo y Saludos!!!💞🎊😃

  9. Love your videos keeping us up to date on The Commercial Centre can’t wait to get back there later on this year. Stay Safe.

  10. Oooooh starting too look totally different now mikel are they lifts there now too take you too the top floor if yes what a great idea still hoping too come June and hopefully they will have finished 💯💯🙏👍💙💚💛🧡

  11. 🍎👍 Interesting to see everything so empty again. Sad a bit. Hope you are safe and things pick up again soon. -H

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