Gran Canaria Playa de Amadores Beach Life on a Lovely Sunny Day 🏖

Gran Canaria on 27.06.2020 Playa de Amadores Beach was full of bathers today. And today more Restaurants and Shops were open, unfortunately, I was a bit late and many Restaurants were already closing. Open is all day until 18-19 o’clock at the moment. Enjoy the Video. We Love Canarias

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Come with me to Patalavaca Beach 👙
Come with me for a Walk on Playa del Ingles Beach 👙
Gran Canaria Playa de Amadores Beach Life is Back 🏖
Gran Canaria Playa del Ingles Strandpromenade Juli 2019 4K

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49 comentarios en «Gran Canaria Playa de Amadores Beach Life on a Lovely Sunny Day 🏖»

  1. The white sand beach is so beautiful, visitors can play, sunbathe and swim with friends and family, nice to meet you

  2. All man made I remember when it was all wild coastline. I used to stay at the Guantanamo campsite in nearby play de Taurus every winter brilliant times!

  3. I really like the gorgeous quiet beaches of Spain, keep posting these beautiful videos, good luck ❤
    Name of the song🎧 0:08

  4. I was there, two of the biggest hills you could run on behind there, won't be back though unless I am willing to allow some stranger to inject some stranger shit in my bloodstream to protect me from a virus with a survival rate of 99%

  5. I would fit in well at this beach. My sheer g string is better suited for this beach than for the ones in America. The guys here wear these prude long suits.

  6. Love seeing women in thongs now at the beach. and they've become popularized even in sports like womens track/field and water polo etc. Too bad the US is SOOOoooooo prudish. I read this woman complain about her 12 year old son that saw a woman wearing a thong at a public pool. and she freaked out, shaming her as a slut etc. I feel sorry for that kid 'cause she's teaching him to be ashamed of the human body. That mom scarred her kid, not the woman in the thong. smh…
    The beaches in the US are not so populated with women in thong swimsuits but it's changing. Just don't be a guy in a speedo or a half bikini. It's ok in europe but not here. again: smh. The US is SOO prudish !! – I like to wear a bikini.
    My parents and my younger sis went to disney when I was about 12 or 13. Sis was 10 or 11. I had no swimsuit to go to the hotel pool so my parents took me and sis to a store in florida to get something for me. Well sis just walks up to the rack, pullsout a mens bikini and said loudly: "This one!!" My mom wanted me to pick something else out but dad said "let him have it" So I got that and have a preference for bikini's since. Love the rio and half back style. Just can't wear it in the US. 🙁

  7. Wow!!! Merci, c'est vraiment Beau et en plus, il y a de la très très Bonne Musique, Merci beaucoup SUPER !!! Love it 😉

  8. The only place with a love for all the world with the axis of the sea is the world's pupil Eylence Turkey🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

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