Gran Canaria Maspalomas Playa de Ingles San Agustin Beachwalk 2020

Gran Canaria Today 18.01.2020 we are made the Big Beachwalk from Maspalomas over Playa del Ingles to San Agustin. It was a little bit windy, but still warm by 23-24 degrees celsius. We Love Canarias

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We Love Canarias is a Holiday Video Magazine.
We make videos about the Canary Islands. About sightseeing, excursions and city tours, about hiking tours and routes, about nature, culture and recreation. We film in 4K without any post-processing or filters. We try to present the Islands as they really are, the Islands of Eternal Spring, located in the Atlantic Ocean. A piece of Europe in Africa.

At the moment we are filming in Gran Canaria. There are already videos about Las Palmas, Playa del Ingles, San Agustin, About the dunes of Maspalomas, from Meloneras, Puerto Rico, Arguineguin, Puerto de Mogan. About the beautiful beaches of the island. And many more will follow.

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18 comentarios en «Gran Canaria Maspalomas Playa de Ingles San Agustin Beachwalk 2020»

  1. Your channel is a part of my life's routine. Every time you drop a video, I would watch it from start to end. It's always a great pleasure to travel with you. Thanks! : )

  2. The videographer has been moving the camera way too fast while turning and recording, also zoom in and out was erratic, needs to be done at slower more gingerly rate for a smooth transition; all of these sections needs to be edited to improve the overall quality of the contents, had to frequently forward the video to prevent feeling dizzy!

  3. Very nice place and beautiful scenery.
    This beach is so beautiful.
    I wanna go there someday..
    Big Like 288.
    Stay safe and keep your health…👍👍

  4. Just watched this one again and it's fantastic, thank you 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕

  5. Πολυ ωραιο βιντεο μπραβο!!!👏👌👍Εχω κανει εγγραφη στο καναλι σου.Ελπιζω να κανεις εγγραφη και στο δικο μου καναλι. Ευχαριστω

  6. I mean, Las Palmas is right around the corner. Why not do some videos of it?
    Cuz this is getting repetitive…
    It's cool, I get it…you're here and we are in cold Europe, but little diversity people!

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