Ancient Hindu Temple Found in Colombia? San Agustin Archaeological Site

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Hey guys, today I am going to show you a mysterious ancient site in a city called San Agustin in the country of Colombia, which is in South America. I am going to show you some solid evidence that this was built by Hindus who originally came from India. Yes, I do understand that India and Colombia are about 11,000 miles apart. But I hope you will watch till the end of the video and then decide if this site was built by Hindus or not.
Look at this statue in this site, here you can see an eagle like bird holding a snake in its beak and if you look carefully you can see that the snake is also held in the birds talons. While archeologists in Colombia are not able to explain why such a statue is carved here, this is clearly explained both in Hindu scriptures and Hindu sculptures. This bird is called Garuda which has an eternal enmity with the serpent Naga. I want to show you several such carvings from Hindu temples. In temples of India, you can see that, both Garuda and Naga are shown as partial humanoids. However, as Hinduism spread from India to south east Asia, the style slowly began to change. Watch what happened when it reached Vietnam. This scene is almost fully portrayed as a fight between 2 animals. They don’t look much like Hindu Gods anymore. It just looks like a bird holding the snake in its beak and talons. Look at the similarity between these 2 statues. Is this a mere coincidence? Or did Hindus travel to Colombia and set up a site here?
Archeologists do not have any good explanations for this statue. They believe that the sculptor merely carved it because he would have seen an eagle catch a snake. Is it possible that this is the case? No, because if that is the case you would have found only one such statue, but there are several statues unearthed in this area with the same motif. This means this statue was important to the creators, it had some deep meaning. Here is a similar statue which has the same iconography, found at a different site, called El Purutal in Colombia. This shows the exact same features, a bird holding a snake in its beak and talons. Multiple statues with the same motif has been found in this area, in fact the city of San Agustin uses this statue as its unofficial logo and sells a ton of mementos with this motif, but without understanding the real meaning of it. But how is it possible that Hindus came all the way from India to Colombia?

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  1. The western world hiding the true civilization of India for fear of white supremacy failure.
    They don't who the Sumerians are.
    They don't know which is the original language is other than saying there were people from the East settled down by Tigris and spoke one language.
    They don't know who the GoBekli Tepe people are.
    They don't know who the Native Americans are after annihilating over 100 million of them.
    Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui was the last king of Peru when Columbus arrived.

  2. You know your people and I love your investigations keep on going friend get in n get around. You can do alot of good, n we kinda trust you. Heck we do trust you

  3. Another explanation….the ancient astronauts that influenced India also influenced Columbia and the elephant trunk is the human interpretation of a respirator hose attached to the face of the alien so it can breathe on earth.

  4. II think you are absolutely right. There is so much about our past that is yet to be found out or is hidden from the average person

  5. 13:05 well I disagree about naga protecting that heat , as you can see a naga holds in ´´hands´´ (as a simbol of controll) a head of a human , which mean that naga (that is a void demon ) CONTROLS a human victim mind . Anyone could have naga even this days , simply throw it away with hands on a side and as if you would push away a head cover up . Also important is to controll opening mind chacra with a simple excercize to close it or open it using head muscles and (actually real) brain muscle , as I mastered through last 6 years now and it works . TYpe of food also has influence on your head muscle movement , some foods (toxic) as well as virus paralizes it some food help to use it . Its also good sometimes to hit your top and a sides of head a delicatly with down side of a fist to push away negative curse that blocks mind and allows nagas to get attached . Some ´´people´´ can attach their nagas to you by having just a ´´forced´´ conversation with them , they are so called dark souls and are used by manevelent void entities to influence our realm . Main source of void mind represented in matter , as I assume hides deep deep under ground as a massive organism with ´´telepathic´´ powers (just like insects) to communicate and influence such as give its possesed victims different abilities of dark magic .
    THats just basic of what happens now world wide and they are building army within our family , embrace the light and resist no matter what or u will suffer .

  6. Doesn't it seem that the Stone art on the American Continent seem more basic and less detail, Meaning that the American stone work may be much more Ancient than the Stone art around India? If true, then what would that mean @praveenmohan ?

  7. Fantastic! If they had vimanas, then it is possible!! I absolutely love all of this and I want to write a book about it! I'm not Hindu (re: Hindu bias comments) and I think you hit the nail on the head here!

  8. As a Colombian i find this very interesting, and even posible, too many coincidences and posible meanings, and knowing that history has been teached wrongfully, …. more info please🧐😁

  9. We can't really quantify the age of The Naga. The Naga God's are laughing at us all. God has many names and gave birth to us everywhere at once. Just as God is everywhere at once. Too, FYI, lions and elephants existed in western hemisphere. 100 percent truth.

  10. thank you for allowing me to see my earth birth places.its stirred something in me i am from the land mu and beyond to the land we call new zealand.blessings.

  11. The Scriptures Tell Us That Our Creator
    Turned The People Building The Tower Of Babel Into Elepants And Apes
    1. Ganesh
    2. Hanuman
    Nimrod's Tower Of Babel Is In Northeast
    North America AKA Accadia
    See: UBNews Tower Of Babel

  12. If the sculptor had carved an eagle catch a snake the sculptor would have made only one statue? Why would you say something so illogical? Aztecs themselves have a story of an eagle eating a serpent on top of a cactus. This motif is found throughout the americas. You’re a clown.

  13. Most make a stretch at things but man you sir aren't..I wish you would come to the states and history here because archeologists and scientists are idiots..they've ruined allot of ancient sites..history and so much more by trying to fit ideals in their heads instead of seeing things as they are like you do

  14. I’ve heard a version of the Tower of Babel some responsible for building it were turned into monkeys and elephants

  15. Wow u know their language? Just imagine how people might have travelled during that time. How difficult it would have been.
    I have a doubt, if it was lord Shiva then y would der be Garuda, while Garuda is worshipper of lord Vishnu even serpent can be Vasuki who beds vishnu but vishnu is never shown as lingam, m confused.
    But ur videos was really appreciated by all country men so please don't think u r biased, u r enlightening us with ur insights. Thanks a ton

  16. sir this is not a coincidence and bias perspective civilization formed in india and migrated to all parts of the world, with proof i can say indian DNA linked with all different types of countries humans DNA but what you explored, explore, exploring and through your videos one thing i can say india is not a nation india is a civlization first formed civilization. Author Venkat 😎

  17. There's a Bhujiya Dunngar(🗻mountain) in Kutch in Gujarat, A tribe like NagmagaBarot, usually worsip Naag Devta snake🐍

  18. They are not indian temple but the Indian started worship of these temple actually mean they are made by alian thats why we found those around the world.

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