Water park: Lago Taurito, Gran Canaria

A look at some of the slides in Gran Canaria, Lago Taurito!

In most clips a boy called Josh, from Manchester is featured!

This was on my holiday to The Paradise hotel, directly next to the water park, with our membership in The Paradise hotel, we got free access to the park!

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  1. Yo I went there in 2015 and the salt water was horrible and I’d anyone see the wooden toys at the shop closet to the beech

  2. I went to that place last week it was the best holiday except when we went to the beach a wave knocked me over and my sunglasses swept away and I got all wet

  3. I went here on Holiday in Gran Canaria a few days ago. Went on the space bowl, the orange slide, the blue bumpy slide and the 3 little ones. It was salt water though which was annoying. Also the orange one gave me a massive wedgie. It was so fun. I got a Squishy from a little shop there before you go in to the water park. It was so fun although the food at the restaurant is a bit gross. I didn’t even like the pudding cos it was a weird texture

  4. I go here in 25 days hyped as hell
    Lol my family is coming to since I can afford to hope you dad does not fall face first out a ring this time

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