WALKTHROUGH + ROOM Dunas Mirador Maspalomas – Gran Canaria – 2016

WALKTHROUGH + ROOM Dunas Mirador Maspalomas – Gran Canaria – 2016, usefull to make your dicision to go here. We had a nice sunny vacation, but the rooms are hot and there is no airco ( you can rent a van), no real teen disco ( kinda disappointed for our teenage girl), not really something to do around the hotel, but nice workers en great pool! We rented a car and we can recommand that to anyone…real nice (center of the island and the left/north of the island ). Also the waterparc is fun and the zoo is great!

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  1. I don’t get it why people like this. Packed like sheep and there is literally nothing to do except laying on a sun lounger.

  2. Food was terrible, entertainment was rubbish would not recommend this place. We went with friends and none of us would go back there.

  3. Hi Dominic, I’m contacting you from a TV production company in the UK called Tern TV. We are making a documentary for Channel 4 (UK), exploring incidents and events related to holidays. We’d like to be able to use your video in the programme, and I wondered if you are the owner of the footage? Could you please contact me by sending an email to c4ternholidays@gmail.com
    Thank you!

  4. I've just arrived from there. I see they made lot's of improvement compared to this video. The kids pool and club is now where the playground was. The animation team is great, they have a big stage close to the biggest pool. Lot's of shows at night and great music all day long. Me, my mom and my 2 years old girl loved this place. Lot's of fun.

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