Top 5 Tips – Avocado Planting & Tour | w/ Gerardo Tejeda

Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert for visits Gerardo Tejeda’s young Avocado Orchard with about 10 avocado varieties, including Hass Avocado, Lamb Hass Avocado, Sir Prize Avocado, Pinkerton Avocado, Jim Bacon Avocado, Sharwil Avocado, Nabal Avocado, Reed Avocado & much more!!! Together we will share our TOP 5+ TIPS for successfully growing avocado trees! #IVOrganic #Avocados #TreeCare

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39 comentarios en «Top 5 Tips – Avocado Planting & Tour | w/ Gerardo Tejeda»

  1. Hi liz from Trinidad ,I need to kn ìf all the trees shown on his property are grafted? Can you show me the fruit in regards to the tree that it came from?

  2. Hello Charles,
    My name is Miguel Mariscal, my family and I live in hot, windy and cold Central Valley Bakersfield, California.
    We live in a 1/3 of acre property where we grow many different fruits and vegetables for our family to consume. We have about 50 total trees although our focus in our yard has been avocado trees. We have 12 trees of 6 different varieties that the age ranges between 2 and 5 years. We struggle to keep blooms to actually become fruits. This year we took soil and leaf analysis and most of the nutrients were with in range except for low calcium and magnesium. We applied gib for calcium but we haven’t been able to find anything to raise magnesium.
    We would appreciate your feedback.
    We have videos of what we grow here in our backyard please let us know how to send one your way. Thank you.

  3. Thank you very informative👍 coming from nursery, when can you transplant into a container and when to top the avocado tree?

  4. Cactus soil for pineapples, pecans and avocados, and blueberries. Are the roots spiraled? I doubt it so my same tree was in the bucket too long. Good thing I have a warranty

  5. Thank you for sharing both of your knowledge and love of these trees! Gerardo is amazing! I just bought a Reed today! I am sure your info saved it’s life!

  6. I have awesome loam but I mixed half DG with it for raised avo beds, good so far going on 2 yrs. Thanks to Garry Matsuoka.

  7. What type of mulch is best for Avocados I have a small wood chipper and grind up timings from oaks. Can I use the oak chips with also has grass and trimming from various other trees and plants. The pipe in the middle of the Citrus trees is it used to water the trees when there small or used like with the Avocado trees used to dry the soil to prevent root rot. Gerardo taught me a lot in this video I plan to put in a pipe next to my Lame Avocado its been in the ground 2 years. Also I was told not to leave fruit on the Avocado till they were at least 4 or 5 years I was shock to see all of Gerardos small trees with fruit on them. Thanks Great Video.

  8. Excellent presentation. Q: what is watering bottom up? Is the drain pipe pvc? Now I know what to plant on my slope. Thanks

  9. Great tour and tips. We have a big tall (more than 20 feet) avocado tree in the back yard (more than 40 years old) when we purchase the house. It gave very few fruits each year. Should we trim it down, then follow the five tips? Thanks

  10. Awesome video. I have a question, I planted more then 10 avocado its been 2 years now, but this summer all my avocado three leaves turn brown . was it to much water or less water.. by the way I live in Greece so weather condition is hot in summer and cold in winter. please help

  11. I planted my first bass avocado tree and I watched plenty of videos and they all said to mix in the fertilizer or all ingredients to Soil to plant the tree. It would hate for it to die, I need help. It is starting to make the leaves look sad. What can I do? I will for sure change my watering schedule and add Mulch will this help my tree survive ?

  12. Hi Charles, I want to buy 6 macros + fertilizer. Can you tell us when, how much for new plant, grown and how to put it to soils. Please detail as much as you can 🙂
    Thanks a lots and wish you well

  13. If it's too low they don't grow! Hey guys if I planted my avocados too deep, can I remove it after a year????

  14. Thank you so much for this video. I have two avocado trees, a Bacon and a Zutano, that I bought this spring in Phoenix, Arizona. They remain in the pot shaded by a large elm tree. I recently changed the watering time to 10 pm and have since seen leaf tip burn. Any suggestions for treatment?

  15. Thanks for all of your wonderful advice. I have a Mexacali avacado tree. I fertilized it in March this year with the citrus/avacado fertilizer. I believe I put too much fertilizer on my tree. All the leaves fell off. The tree is two years old. It’s on a drip system. I don’t know what to do. Any advice?

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