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  1. Great video guys ! Me abs my family are coming to the Riosol in October ! Been to Puerto Rico twice before but not fir about ten years so looking forward to coming back 👍

  2. Love the vid mate. Stayed at Colina Mar last sept just up the street from here and me and my girlfriend are coming to Riosol this year! Hope it’s worth the wait. Looks amazing

  3. Great video guys you look like my kind of people that we would push our tables together with😃 fingers crossed for 2022

  4. Never stayed at riosol but have stayed in Puerto Rico many times. Looks nice place. Good vid. Will look up Risol prices for hol there later this year.

  5. Brings back memories as a kid GOOD TIMES what a lovely place so jealous. BUT WILL B BACK SOON 👍 like the editing BTW

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