Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria Hotels & Streets June 2020 🌈🌈🌈

✅ Playa del Inglés Gran Canaria. From Hotel Bronze Playa to Kasbah Shopping Center. Sunny Morning (29ºC). June 2020.

*** See below for route map, gadgets & sight timestamps ***


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FILMED: June 2020 (Tuesday Morning) with GoPro Hero 7 Black


00:07 Playa del Ingles
00:10 Bronze Playa Hotel
01:27 Jardin Atlantico Playa del Ingles
02:01 Flanagan’s Baar Playa del Inglés
02:40 Green Garden Playa del Ingles
02:42 Green Field Playa del Ingles
03:03 Agaete Parque
03:17 Mini Golf Atlantico
04:20 Abora Buenaventura
06:27 Las Faluas Playa del Ingles
07:05 Piramides Shopping Center
07:26 Gran Canaria Princess
07:29 Servatur Waikiki
08:26 Corona Blanca Playa del Inglés
09:28 Hotel Maritim Playa
10:37 Kasbah Shopping Center
11:14 Hotel HL Suites Playa del Inglés
11:33 Plaza Shopping Center
11:54 Apartamentos Las Arenas
12:08 Centro Ecuménico Playa del Inglés
12:30 Grand Canary
12:31 Wetter Gran Canaria
12:32 Weather Gran Canaria
12:33 Gran Canaria
12:34 Spain

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31 comentarios en «Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria Hotels & Streets June 2020 🌈🌈🌈»

  1. Me and my family are visiting in a few weeks! Are a lot of the restaurants and shops open now and how busy is it with tourists as it seems quite quiet -thanks in advance 😃

  2. How quiet you can even hear the birds hopefully this place will be full of people again I've been with my friends and my daughter and would of never imagine too be like this hopefully in a few weeks lots of people there

  3. finaly some people i miss it a little bit maybe i go back there this winter i was there in december i think it was i stayed at Ocean Hill it was nice great balcony is there other good Hotel like this you know of that are peacefull and with big balcony ?

  4. You will always be out #1 walking video channel!! So beautiful! Thanks for your support at TRAVEL GLOBAL!

  5. Ooh it is so quiet! I bet it feels super creepy having no one around! Our streets here in Australia are starting to get super busy now that our restrictions are lifting!

  6. Nice walking tour , nice streets, and nice hotels but it seems empty. Still few months after it will be open for all hotels and restaurants.

  7. Una zona con un excelente equipamiento. Imágenes tranquilas de un soleado día. Buen trabajo, Kanary Travel (me gustaría llamarte por tu nombre). Like. Saludos cordiales.

  8. Stayed at the green fields hotel last year very quiet and relaxing prefer Porta Rico if I'm honest has a bit more night life

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