Is San Agustin Megalithic Site, a Hindu Temple? Ancient Aliens in Colombia

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Hey guys, in the previous video I showed you how several ancient statues found in San Agustin archeological park, in Colombia, belonging to Hinduism. In this video, I am going to show you other statues.. like this one, and explain what they really are.
Let us take a good look at this statue. It is gigantic more than 10 feet tall, made of one solid block of stone and is rectangular in shape. The face is portrayed with fangs in its mouth and you can see it holding a small baby. What is the standard explanation for this statue? Mainstream experts tell us they have no idea what this is, and some have even guessed that this represents a child-eating monster like deity. There are several statues found in this area, which look about the same. According to several experts , Pre-Colombian people who lived here thousands of years ago,
were primitive people who sacrificed children in order to please these monsters. These kind of demeaning explanations were given right from the start when the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in Colombia and the native culture seemed quite unexplainable them. Think about it, would human beings worship Child-eating monsters?
Let me tell you what is going on here. There is not only a face on the top of this statue, there is one on the bottom as well. Let us invert the statue and look at the face at the bottom. The face clearly depicts extreme pain. This woman is giving birth to a baby, this is why she is gritting her teeth and clenching her fist as tightly as possible, because of labor pain. This figure on top, the «Monster» is actually a doctor, who is helping the woman to deliver the baby. And sure enough, just like a modern day obstetrician, he is holding the baby upside down, this is standard medical practice, even today. How was I able to figure all this out?
Because this story is clearly recorded in ancient Indian texts. This God is known as Thayumanavar in Hinduism who helped women deliver healthy babies. There are temples dedicated to him in India. For example there is a 6th century temple in a city called Tiruchy, where pregnant women still come from all over India to get this God’s blessings for smooth and easy delivery. In India, this God is typically shown holding a baby in his hands. This is an avatar of Lord Shiva, and in South India, ancient Shiva statues are portrayed with fangs, to show his ferocity. If you look at Kailasanathar temple which is 1300 years old, all Shiva statues are portrayed with fangs.

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  1. जय शिव शंकर भोलेनाथ महादेव 🙏
    जय माता पार्वती देवी माता 🙏
    जय सोमनाथ महाकालेश्वर महाकाल बाबा 🙏
    हर हर महादेव 🙏
    ॐ नमः शिवाय 🙏

  2. Mr. Praveen Mohan you are extremely intelligent. its all make sense to me about hinduism in Columbia after your explanation.
    This world need your mind!!!!

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  4. illuminati may be sukracharya. Sukracharya has one eye and illuminati has one eye. He wants to take revenge on people who pray vishnu. The hindus of america (natives) , africa were destroyed or en slaved.

  5. Praveen knows what he is talking about. The story in India says that if you were to try and harm the baby, the doctor/ midwife would tear your guts out. That is the reason for fangs.

  6. This Guy Jumps to the first conclusion that comes to his mind as 100% fact . even tho his conclusions are so ridicules and have not scientific or archaeological fact!!!!!!

  7. So the Donald Trump and Bill Gates are same primitive monsters eating and sacrifices children? What is going on on this f planet?

  8. Sorry, but not Hinduism. Hindus inherited the real old sites, as did the americas, and the Egyptians. It was a global civilisation during the zep tepe, then re discovered by the civilisations history tells us each one is.

  9. Wery good vid.i like your work i cant stop watch the hindu tempels there are just perfect and tnx to you i can enjoy it at home btw nice interp.and understanding

  10. Sir great job you r doing to make HINDUS aware of their great ancient sophisticated culture n civilization . Hope our school teach even 5 % of what u do , then our kids would be more interested n proud in our history , culture n science

  11. Agasthiar sastha l in tamilnadu l he is sasthrabanu lighy of science and technology l congenital anomalies occured by yhe power of planeys l particularly heat energy l brain develoment staryed after embryostarted migration l brain tissue death cause of abortion l anomalies by magnetic enrgy llll all staues show it was school of medicine by agasthiar l in my native aham ullam heart sacred heart l sweet hearted person agasthiar sastha bala sastha son of mahasasthal give knowledge to others but dont give money or food to others l can beg knowledge not to beg food or money l darma sastha give knowledge not food or money begging not good for homan darma sastha agasthian ll l may san aigastian

  12. Wow, a million people believe this bullshit! This guy is smart, he makes a living out of his fucking stupid and gullible followers.

  13. The more I watch your videos, the more convinced I am of the fact that you are a blessing for Hinduism sent by almighty

  14. This man's intelligence is utterly amazing! He thinks outside the box and is able to process details that no one else can!!! Truly fascinating video👍🤔

  15. That is definitely Kal Bhairo (Bhairava) I’ve been working with this God for years and I know for a fact that it is him. Praveen does a great job explaining about kal Bhairo. This is Hinduism before it was reintroduced to South America in 1838.

  16. It looks like South America discovered India and tried reproduce it from text rather than built by people who hade actually seen many of the originals sculptures.

  17. Suggested video for you: The Dark Secrets of the Ancient Anasazi by Timeline World History it’s ending has serpent like Gods depicted with fangs and it involves skull bones displayed as trophies relating to ritual sacrifices and cannibalism proven via science. Sorry but yes some throughout history some not so long ago have worshiped evil. Time to take off your rose colored glasses and see this truth. Sorry I do not think your correct on your perceptions of this location. Blessing to you – A

  18. Humans certainly do worship evil and have and still do practice human sacrifice to the death serpent God known as Lucifer/ Satan of this world, that is not the eternal Creator of all that is was and shall be. You should if you have not also study the Holy Bible especially the Old Testament accounts of the evil practices of child sacrifices to false idols made by the hands of humans. Also speaks of human eating giants. The sculptures also remind one of depictions of the false God of Saturn. In the book of Revelation the serpent known as the dragon seeks to devour the child of the woman as soon as she delivers. Revelation 12:4 – A

  19. Sorry buddy but yes they would worship child eating monster. The surrounding tribes are full of tales of the flaying and canibalism of the pre Columbian societies. Watch the movie Apocalypse. It's actually very factual. You're reaching here and all for YouTube views, and you're spreading rubbish about science knowing nothing because it makes uneducated idiots like you feel good to think you have one over the mighty and learned. Sometimes too much free speech is a bad thing. It allows poor countries like yours to make a living on YouTube and that's not nessesarily a good thing. Because you will say anything to make a buck.

  20. This is right and exact. The NOI knows that the Indians of north America were exiled from India 16,000 yrs ago. Genetics proves that the indians of north America are asian decendents. The NOI get their knowledge from ancient archives that the Caucasian man dont have access to. Good work brother for making the connection.

  21. Do you see the simularities with the naga statues and gobekli tepe statues?? the way the arme are carved in the sides, also some heads look verry simular to some of the heads found on Gobekli tepe in Turkey… same with easter island statues the way the arms are presented. keep up, a big fan of you.

  22. The way the "ceiling" stones are placed reminds me of Stonehenge. But, yes ,the Hindu – Indian link seems clear.

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