Hotel Lago Taurito – Paradise Taurito – Taurito Valey – Gran Canaria

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  1. went there a few years ago and I loved it!! ♥ I might go there again and I really recommend you going there! ♥ take meeee backk to spain!!

  2. Hej, w jakim miesiącu byłeś tam na wakacjach? Ja z rodzinką chciałbym się tam wybrać w kwietniu… polecasz to miejsce?

  3. i just came back from here a week ago, u have to pay for so many extras, pools are salt water and we had 3 fires and none of the fire alarms worked, very disappointed. i wouldn't recommend it, only good things were entertainment and food!

  4. Jak sie nazywa ta piosenkaktora puszczaja co wieczor na arena plaza ?
    What is the song called that they play everynight at the Arena Plaza ??

  5. Exactly! It's main vice I think. I want to go there on my holiday this year but I am still wondering about it cause this salt water and pay sunbeds -,-

  6. I'm 14 nearly 15, from London and I was there at Paradise hotels and miss every minute of it. If possible, I'm definitely getting a summer job as a rep there next year. The whole experience was amazing. This song and Michael Telo's Ai Se Eu Te Pego take me back. Xxxxxx

  7. We went here last year in October , we're going again tomorrow for a week. And again in October!!! Love this place, watch out Srbo here we come!!!! 14/7/12

  8. I was there in March, and I want Back!! It was really paradise!!!! I recommed to everybody!! I was there 2 weeks and it was like heaven:)

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