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  1. School uniforms. Long pants for girls and boys, blazers for both and hats for girls. The state can pay for them now. I am serious.

  2. It's Miami Dade, a lot of the teachers there are on another level of abusive. Corrupt county with corrupt people.

  3. Am I the only person who thinks molesters should get the death penalty? Who thinks these sickos deserve another shot at our children? Start writing our senators to get laws written to protect the children from these monsters.

  4. 2007 and now it's 2021. 14 years later?????? WTF? Convicted and quilty are 2 separate things. I really wish they would tell us more or not bring it up.

  5. UPDATE: More than 1 victim involved.

    The arrest report says that on multiple occasions, the offender excused the victim from another class so she could be alone with her.

    The victim also told police that the offender would sign her out of school without her mother’s

    The victim told police that she was not the only victim and that there were more students involved in a romantic relationship with the offender.

    Police verified there had been other victims.

    Valle-Tejeda faces several charges, including sexual battery on a child. She is being held at TGK without bond.

  6. Females always NOT telling the truth. I feel sometimes when kids don't get there way they make up story.

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