Gran Canaria Maspalomas After the Rain comes the Sun 🌞

Gran Canaria Maspalomas beautiful in all weather.

A walk through Maspalomas, the Lighthouse, the beach, the lagoon, to the dunes and the palm oasis. After the rain comes the sunshine.

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14 comentarios en «Gran Canaria Maspalomas After the Rain comes the Sun 🌞»

  1. Thanks for Watching 😉I wish you a nice day and hope to see you again, tomorrow morning or afternoon, with a new video about the beautiful island of Gran Canaria 🥰

  2. Nothing beats spending time moving around with different places with you. Really appreciate all the time that you've put into making these videos and sharing it with everyone! Thank you!

  3. Love these videos ,the beach looks so nice,it's cold grey and really windy in UK today ,you are so lucky to be in such a warm place

  4. ❤️🍫❤️🍫❤️🍫❤️🍫❤️🍫❤️🍫❤️🍫❤️🍫❤️🍫🍫❤️❤️

  5. Very nice place dear friend.
    Gran Canaria Maspalomas is so beautiful.
    The quiet beach is really impressive.
    Full view and Big liked.
    I wish you have a happy time…👍👍

  6. Bonjour ! L'oiseau qui court sur la plage devant vous fait partie de la famille des pluviers. Il est sans doute de passage à Gran Canaria car il migre en Afrique !

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