Gran Canaria Live 🔴 Today Meloneras Beach to Maspalomas Beach

Gran Canaria Today we take you Live 🔴 with us on a walk from Meloneras Beach to Maspalomas Beach along the famous boardwalk Paseo de Meloneras. Come with us on our Excursions / Trips over this beautiful island called Gran Canaria, and show you beaches and places where you might not have been before. Enjoy the Live Stream. We Love Canarias

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We make videos about the Canary Islands. About sightseeing, excursions and city tours, hiking tours and routes, about nature, culture, and recreation. We film in 4K without any post-processing or filters. We try to present the Islands as they really are, the Islands of Eternal Spring, located in the Atlantic Ocean. A piece of Europe in Africa.

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