Gran Canaria Live 🔴 Today Exploring Amadores Beach and Puerto Rico

Gran Canaria Today we are walking from Amadores Beach to Puerto Rico Beach and to the Old Shopping Center of Puerto Rico. Come with me Live 🔴 to many beautiful places on this so lovely Island. I’ll show you our Excursions / Trips beaches, valleys, canyon, mountains, and places where you might not have been before. Enjoy the Live Stream. We Love Canarias

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15 comentarios en «Gran Canaria Live 🔴 Today Exploring Amadores Beach and Puerto Rico»

  1. Hi, Love your video, We arrived on Fri 13th March this year at Amadores, Everything was shut down on the 15th, We were lucky to get back to England, We have missed 6 holidays in GC since then, Hopefully soon, I’m pleased that the shopping centre is being re furbished as it needed it 😀!, Keep up the good information videos, Thank you 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

  2. Great video….we absolutely adore Amadores Beach, we Honeymooned there, I learnt to Scuba dive there many years ago, at least the Ecosystem has had a break from all us humans, I've volunteered for on many beach clear ups, and the local wildlife hates all that plastic floating in the bay.
    Looking forward to ( hopefully) coming out in '21….superb video…mucho gracias

  3. Niiiiin tuttuja ja rakkaita maisemia. Monet kerrat on noita rantoja koluttu, viime vuonna näihin aikoihin viimeksi mutta nyt sitten….nyyyyhh….. Ehkä ensi vuonna taas. Käykää Ravintola Zenubiassa ja kertokaa Airalta ja Jopelta rakkaat terveiset. Zenubia on ihan paras Amadoreksessa!

  4. Playa del Cura ist der Strand unterhalb der "Felsenwohnungen" und die Playa deTauro kommt direkt nach dem Playa del Amadores mit dem Golfplatz del Tauro.

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