Gran Canaria – Canary islands in Spain

Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands and everything there is to see and do on your holiday. My selection of the best footage after 6 weeks traveling around Gran Canaria.


– 90 hotels double-checked in real life
– 14 of the best resorts in Gran Canaria visited

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25 comentarios en «Gran Canaria – Canary islands in Spain»

  1. hi boss and thanks for this nice work ….I plan to travel next summer there to the Canary Islands for three weeks with my wife and two kids ( 10&13 years old ) is many things to do in Gran Canaria for three weeks for kids specially ???? and if yes …Can you please Recommend me the best hotel to stay in and to be close to everything there and to be close to all places and in very good location ? sure the best hotel please and money no problem

  2. i would love to visit in brazil.. gran canaria. mallorca. bansko. lanzarote. pafkos. lefkos. playa del ingles. rimini.

  3. Sorry for my first ….phrase…..Silly…very silly…By the way 😜😜😜We on the way to buy property in Canarias

  4. La mejor tierra del mundo . Toda mi jente y mi tierra a la q tanto amo . No necesito de nada más.
    Y porsuesto español
    como el que más.

  5. got engaged in puerto rico during break from u.n. mission in western sahara in '96. loads of fun there and at playa del ingles. might return someday. beware the time share people, tho.

  6. Esa es mi tierra !!!!..donde su gente y su clima enamora al que llega… Orgullosa de ser Isleña y de mi tierra Canaria…

  7. Our second home ❤️
    As Matt Owen says, Gran Canaria is so much more than Beach, bars and shopping malls (love them too!)
    Go inlands on the island and up to the mountains and you will find pure Zen and calmness provided by the most fantastic scenery.
    Towns like Teror with its old houses and cozy Streets and Arehucas where the local Honny rum is made, is definitely worth a visit.
    The north of the island, is as green and luch as the south of the island is dry!

  8. Hi. Excellent video.
    Do toi Know which district in gran canaria seems like "los cristianos" in Ténérife. Sorry for my english.

  9. a prescindere la pulizia, l'ordine, l'educazione ( perfetti )… il sole che fine ha fatto ? la codialità l'affabilità, la simpatia, l'allegria—-

  10. Gorgeous island. Hands down the best of the Canaries, it has it all. Next time you should also visit the pine forests up in the mountains with breathtaking views of the island and the Atlantic Ocean.

  11. Sorry. I'm unable to reply to that comment for some reason. That really sucks. I'm sorry people are stealing your videos. I guess they would have to prevent people from being able to download videos, or have some copywriter recogninition feature. They're only able to detect duplicate videos ,but not if you just incorporate fragments of someone else's footage. I can't believe people actually do that.

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