Exploring The Sand Dunes of Maspalomas – Gran Canaria

Join me on an adventure as I explore the Sand Dunes of Maspalomas, just a stones throw from Playa Del Ingles, one of the best places to sunbathe and work on your tan, also not far from Maspalomas Beach. If you’re asking yourself where to go in Gran Canaria, or what do do in Gran Canaria, then watch and you will find out the best things to do on your holiday in Gran Canaria.

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45 comentarios en «Exploring The Sand Dunes of Maspalomas – Gran Canaria»

  1. Hey watching this series again because I love them and there's something really special about them.ive never been gran canaria.im booked up this year for my winter sun back to Tenerife but next year it has to be somewhere different.im looking at peurto Rico and Lanzarote ,glad you're doing some of the island's,help me make my mind up..no pressure 🤣🤣🌴xx

  2. Helicopters patrol the beach looking out for 'naughty going on' and believe me it happens, Always take drink and snacks with you as they charge big prices on the Dunes.

  3. I walked the dunes from the RUI Palace hotel in Playa del Ingles to Maspalomas so i know how Lee feels, after that i took a cab or a bus down there if i felt the need.

  4. The old TV series of Robinson Crusoe was filmed there, The sand was shipped in from the Sahara, pre to that t was all stones.
    The beach forms three parts, the family beach is close to Maspalomas town by a man made lake, the beach in the middle is for nudist sunbathers and the furthest beach is the Gay Nude Beach.

  5. Hiya Lee, Wondering for days. Hahahaha. Enjoyable video. Cool tunes. Your videos are always great to watch. Love the sand dunes. As the wind blows the footsteps away. Like no one has passed there. Thank you for sharing. Have a great evening. Take care.

  6. Now, it's over to cross the dunes in complete freedom, you must strictly walk on the marked trails which unfortunately do not allow you to appreciate the richness of the flora and fauna of the dunes! I am very saddened by this situation!

  7. I know I’m late to the table here but as I said in one of your other videos I discovered your channel by chance, really enjoyed it & decided to box set the lot haha. It was the one where the nightstrider & yourself painfully walked from los Christianos to the hard rock hotel, unfortunately you never made it, no water haha. Simply hilarious. Anyway, I went to Gran Canaria way back in 89 along with Two good lads, what a laugh we had. We ventured painfully through the dunes just like you but the mirages back in the day were very real I can tell ya….forgot her name for the minute haha. What a holiday! The thing is nothing seems to have changed, time has stood still. Got to say though Lee, my heart is with Tenerife, it’s had tons more investment & is just fab. Keep up the good work mate, you are very entertaining to watch. Would be good if in the future you could vlog from Lanzarote as it’s the only island in canaries I’ve never visited. Swiftly moving on now to your next one, bye mate:-)

  8. Dunes have now been sectioned off and access is restricted. I realise its nature re serve, but will miss the dunes on my next visit.

  9. I don't care for the yumbo centre, last time was there it was walking with cockroaches on the ground floor bars. Quite enjoyed Construction Bar quite harmless. The Bunker wasn't there but looks too much for me . All the planted areas on the beach weren't there 10 yrs ago either so it's interesting to see how it's changed. The Dunas de Maspalomas are stunning absolutely love them. You're at Playa del Ingles part of the dunes. The height of the main dunes are massive like 200ft high near Campo Golf. Loved the video great to see it again thank you for posting

  10. Lovely video!! i love the Dunes . i couldn't get enough of this place ! would go back anytime ! enjoy it !! 🙌🙌🙌😛

  11. As a Tenerife lover, me and my wife decided to try Gran Canaria a few years ago. We stayed in an All Inclusive near to San Augustin and while the hotel was great, there was nothing in the immediate area in the way of bars. So we got a bus into Playa Del Inglese. OMG what a dump! Nothing but a glorified Blackpool – unfortunately we really do not like Blackpool so it was a once only visit. Been to Tenerife again since then.
    We are not beach lovers either – much prefer a pool – so we only admired the dunes from a distance. So glad we didn't do what you have done in this vlog. Got to admire you for doing it though. Keep up the great work Lee

  12. Hi lee you should have gone down to the 🌊 sea & kicked off your trainers and walked in the shallows along the beach 🏖 a lot Cooler & flater with the sea breeze.im so glad you’re doing this video as @ moment not doing anything for me. Fuerteventura so much nicer for beaches,dunes & bars & restaurants & atmosphere. & yes I do love Tenerife as well. Bring on the next video and try to change my impression so far. Thanks Tony.

  13. Brilliant video lee was hoping you'd stumble across the nudist beach lol.well deserved pint after that oh by the way the music was good too.👌

  14. I allways like your vlog's but this is the first one with good music, give us more Rock and Metal, please!
    Continue your nice work, thx! 👍🏻 🤘🏻 😁
    PS: you really need a shirt that says "Onwards!"

  15. Was there a point you looked back and realised wait… i must walk alllllll that way back again haha, the music around 12:00 mark sounds very video gamey? Final fantasy

  16. I walked from playa de ingles to paddys bar just before the lighthouse
    All good intensions have a pint then onto the lighthouse
    Oh no after meeting a cpl of english cpls who live there and 5 pints later forget the lighthouse
    And made my way back slowly

  17. I got tired just watching it lol. Just watch the all you can eat as well as playing catch up, looked lovely food and our favourite frozen glass 🍺😎

  18. Omg you so deserve a beer after that 👍🍺 wow the dunes go on and on and on 😄😄 Great vlog enjoyed it 🍺👍😘

  19. Your first vlog wasn't the best but you have surpassed it with this 1 mate lol, what on earth possessed you to do a vlog on this, I've just lost another 32 mins of my life watching it lol. Just about to watch your latest vlog which looks much better. I love virtually every vlog you do but you;'vehad a couple of stinkers out the first three Gran Canaria vlogs lol. Fair play walking through all of that though, I wouldn't have done it lol.

  20. You deserve a beer or two after that, looks really nice, think i'll have to try it at some point, were is your next trip to?

  21. Dunes of Canary Islands 🇮🇨 are different
    Its not as hot as middleast and african countries
    I miss maspalomas so much
    Can't wait for your faro zone Vlog🌺

  22. Fair play to you for trekking across the dunes for our benefit. Have been there couple of times myself. Gorgeous place. Keep up vlogs watched them all now! I myself am going to las americas in June. When you back in Tenerife?

  23. Lee me and me mum are too tired watching you. You need a Beer after that long walk on the beach lol xxxx

  24. The music to this was great. It's an interesting challenge this one. Not much to see… a lot of the same, I wouldn't try this if you were drunk!

  25. Nice dunes Lee…pity no sign of the nudist beach and a gander at some "Golden Globes" ……Maybe next time m8 😉

  26. Excellent video as usual Lee, shame you didn’t make the nudist beach that would have been an eye opener for your fans lol great music to accompany the video as well I was waiting for you to be dressed as Lawrence of Arabia in one of the shots , coming over the dunes on a camel now that would have been a story to tell , mind you knowing you you would have probably had a beer in your hand , can’t wait for more vlogs keep up the great work mate.

  27. Bet you have still a little bit dunes sand in your shoes. i know how hard it is to walk through this stunning quiet area. EXCELLENT VLOG as ALWAYS LEE !

  28. Never thought anybody could do a vlog about Sand and make interesting!!! We live within 1/4 of a mile from Sand dunes in Lytham St Anne’s but the video I’ve just watched is in a different league. Looks fantastic I am so impressed with your energy and commitment knowing that a lot of shots mean double walking to place the camera and do the shot walking back having been with you in Los Cristanos. Thank you for another great vlog Raymundo y Patricia

  29. Absolutely fantastic Lee, You are Amazing and extremely brave! Watch out for sand storms! Definitely missing drone! And a nearby pub/bar! Thank you so so much for sharing experience!! Be safe! See you soon. Cheers 💖. 🥂🍾

  30. I thought you would like it well without the sand in…. everything 😂😂😂 If there ever was a person that worked hard for a beer or two it would be you… And the nudist beach or matchup beach was a good miss trust me still seeing it after two years. SO AS ALWAYS SUPER GREAT VLOG WELL DONE!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏

  31. I was half expecting to see a camel appear over the horizon! 😂
    Wow what a weird and eerie place, bet you were glad to get out of there.

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