10 Amazing Things to See and Do in Gran Canaria – 10 Highlights not to be missed – Gran Canaria

0:00 – 0:10 – 10 Amazing Things To Do in Gran Canaria
0:11 – 0:57 #10 – Ferry from Puerto de Mogan to Puerto Rico
0:58 – 1:34 #9 – Clifside Path Between Amadores and Puert Rico
1:35 – 2:12 #8 – Playa Taurito Oasis Lago Taurito Water Park
2:13 – 2:45 #7 – Puerto de Mogan
2:46 – 3:49 #6 – Palmitos Park
3:50 – 4:32 #5 – Jeep Safari Gran Canaria Mountains
4:33 – 5:08 #4 – Dunas de Maspalomas
5:09 – 5:42 #3 – Playa del Ingles
5:43 – 6:11 #2 – Playa de Amadores
6:12 – 7:03 #1 – Puerto Rico

Gran Canaria meaning «Great [Island] of Dogs»), is the second most populous of the Canary Islands, an archipelago off the Atlantic coast of Northwest Africa which is part of Spain. As of 2018 the island had a population of 846,717 that constitutes approximately 40% of the population of the archipelago. Located in the Atlantic Ocean about 150 kilometres (93 mi) off the northwestern coast of Africa and about 1,350 km (840 mi) from Europe.[2] With an area of 1,560 km2 (602 sq. mi)[3] and an altitude of 1,956 m (6,417 ft)[4] at the Pico de las Nieves, Gran Canaria is the third largest island of the archipelago in both area and altitude. Gran Canaria is also the third most populated island in Spain after Tenerife and Mallorca.

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  1. Hey Jack, really great video, I love it. Please could you tell me who you used to book these excursions, especially the Dunas de Maspalomas … thank you

  2. Let’s just go ahead and miss the northern side of the island. No canteras? No Agaete this list is a tourist trap

  3. Hello everyone, I've made an aftermovie of my trip to Gran Canaria, if you have some time maybe you can take a look and tell me what you think of it in the comments below. Thanks for the ones reading this, you're an angel.

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